Home renovations are a great way of improving your property, and big or small, homeowners are likely to undergo a project at some point. Whether your first home is a real ‘do-er upper’ or it simply needs some TLC, working on your home is a way of gaining space and making the most of its features. According to a study conducted by worldwide insurance company Hiscox, the number of homeowners choosing to improve their homes rather than move, has increased from 3% to 15% since 2013.

There are a whole host of ways that you can transform your home, and when doing the work yourself, it’s important that you consider how you will dispose of the waste materials and debris.

Local skip hire is a great option due to its convenience and affordability – having an easy place to get rid of your rubbish right on your doorstep, will make your project a lot less stressful. If you’re planning your own home renovation and require a skip, this blog will explain the benefits, what type of skip you may need and the type of projects that will require one.

What kind of projects requires waste disposal?

When renovating your home, debris and other waste is inevitable – but you may not realise just how much there is until you begin work. You must get prepared to avoid your home becoming a building site, to help you, this part of the blog will explain some common renovation projects that require skips and waste disposal.

Garden landscaping

The outside of your home should look just as good as the inside, but many homeowners forget about this area until the weather starts to warm up. Get prepared for BBQ season by creating the perfect setting to arrange garden furniture, and serve food. You could do this by installing decking which will also level out uneven gardens making it a safe and usable space. Alternatively, your garden may just need a tidy up with by laying lawn, planting flowers and installing new fencing. Garden waste can go in the green bins that are provided by the council, however, materials such as mud will get heavy quickly meaning you’ll run out of space fast. If you opt for local skip hire this waste can be picked up and disposed of your convenience so you can get on with your work without delay.

Spring cleaning

Sometimes, just a good spring clean is all you need to make your home look like new. If one of your rooms has been better days, then give it an overhaul and breathe new life into the space. If you have no use for broken furniture that cannot be recycled or donated, dispose of it in a skip to make room for something new. Most councils will pick up bulky items for a fee, so if you have much more to get rid of it will probably be more cost-effective to hire a skip.


If you want to expand your home by knocking down a wall or extending the room, you can save a lot of money by doing this yourself – only if you’re trained of course. Kitchen diners and open plan living will maximise the room, making it feel light and airy at any time of year. If you enjoy hosting, then extensions will provide you will more space to entertain, throw gatherings and dinner parties.

New kitchens and bathrooms

The Hiscox study also found that the bathroom is a renovation priority with 54% of homeowners choosing to improve this room. If you purchase an older home, you may be faced with out of date tiles and insufficient appliances – and, since this room is used daily it’s a good idea to get it remodelled or redecorated before the others. You can’t go wrong with a classic look, so swap those oddly coloured tiles for something more modern. If your kitchen is the area that needs updating, new cupboard doors, worktops and appliances can make the space a much more usable and pleasant room to cook in. As the hub of the home, it’s important that the kitchen is a functional for you to cook family meals with ease.

The debris that is produced from these types of renovations can usually be recycled, however it shouldn’t be disposed of with your regular household waste. Instead, use the services of a professional waste management company such as Brewsters, who can provide you with a high-quality skip and dispose of your waste in the right way.

Do you need a mini skip or something larger?

Carrying out renovations work can be messy, so get ahead of the game and hire a skip to keep your workspace tidy and safe. But what size skip do you need? This depends on the type of project you’re working on, but you’ll be sure to find the right size for your needs.

Mini 6-8 yard skips – these are perfect for smaller projects such as removing tiles or knocking down a small wall. They will hold around 50 bags of rubbish, ideal for bulky waste.

10-12 yard skips – designed to hold around 100 bags of waste, perfect for light construction waste, household clearance and commercial rubbish.

14-16 yard skips – big enough to hold 200 bags of waste, and again ideal for light waste both domestic and commercial.

The benefits of hiring a mini skip

Hiring a skip is the best way of removing waste from your home, office or commercial business while renovations are taking place. But why is that? Here we explain the top benefits of using a skip in your project.

Save time and money

If you’re completing work yourself, then it’s your responsibility to dispose of all waste. Driving back and forth to your local recycling centre will be time consuming, and may cause disruption to your project. Furthermore, you may find yourself topping up on petrol more than you usual – an additional cost of disposing of rubbish yourself.

Speed up your project

Many waste management companies are able to pick up your skip, empty it and return it to you at your convenience. This will save you the time of doing it yourself, meaning you can get on with the project and meet those deadlines.

Reduce your carbon footprint

You may end up putting some materials in the wrong recycling area when getting rid of it yourself. Alternatively, a waste disposal company will be able to pick up your rubbish and dispose of it in the right way – this will improve the effect on the environment, and disposing of your waste in one trip will create fewer fumes compared to several trips in your car.


The area where work is taking place should be safe and easy to maneuver around. You don’t want to live in a building site, and in your workplace, rubbish should be kept to a minimum so your employees can come into the workplace safely. Having a skip on site or at home will make this a lot easier to do.

If you’ve been wondering ‘is there skip hire near me?’ Brewsters have a range of products available for your domestic or commercial requirements. Working across London and Essex, we also provide waste collection and disposal for our clients – our waste management services are environmentally responsible, so we recycle as much as we can to reduce the effect on our planet. For more information about what we do get in touch today.