Sustainability has been a very prominent topic in recent years; from reducing our plastic waste to finding ways to be more environmentally friendly in all aspects of our lives. The restaurant industry is highly competitive, with new businesses opening and closing on a daily basis, but one way to stand out from the crowd in this current climate is with a focus on the environment. There are many ways for a restaurant to be more sustainable – whether that’s using organic, locally sourced ingredients or eliminating plastic straws.

London has a thriving food scene, and there are many that are going the extra mile to ensure they’re doing their bit for the environment. If you want to find out more about some of the most eco friendly restaurants in the capital, see our list below.

Feng Sushi

The fishing industry is known for its problems with overfishing and the potentially negative impacts on the environment, but this chain of sushi restaurants goes above and beyond to make sure they’re doing their bit. As well as using as much readily available British fish as possible, Feng Sushi refuses to serve any varieties that have low stock, such as eel or bluefin tuna. They also use biodegradable bamboo chopsticks, and recycle leftover oil into biodiesel.


Based in East Dulwich, Franklins gets their meat from a select handful of south England’s farms, as well as using all British fish and providing a seasonal menu which changes daily. Where possible, traditional breeds of livestock are bred, reared and slaughtered all on one farm, to minimise transport emissions and costs. The restaurant also uses vegetables homegrown in Kent, homemade bread and local ales.

The Modern Pantry

Using strictly in-season ingredients, The Modern Pantry works with the seasons and carefully selects their menu and dishes to ensure minimal waste. They also use a range of local suppliers (some of which hand deliver ingredients on foot), as well as making their own pickles, chutneys and jams onsite.


This establishment in Hackney is aiming to change the way we dine, offering a set menu of food and drink pairings that won’t have a negative impact on the environment. The restaurant even has its own ecosystem, and grows ingredients onsite to monitor the effects of the environment on food growth and taste.

Trawler Trash

Another fish restaurant that’s aiming to reduce the negative impacts of the fishing industry, Trawler Trash focuses on les popular varieties of fish such as cuttlefish or herring. Using less popular fish is better for the environment and avoids some of the effects of overfishing.

Even the most eco-conscious restaurant can produce some food waste, so it’s vital to make sure you’re disposing of it correctly. Based in London, Brewsters Waste Disposal can collect any leftover food and ensure it’s disposed of and recycled in the most efficient way possible. We convert food waste into renewable energy, so you can rest assured that your business is doing their bit for the environment. For more information about our food waste services, give us a call or visit our website.