We have the Experience

We have the Experience

Established in 1960, Brewsters Waste Management is family-run business based in the centre of London. Our business and reputation have been built on the back of our reliable waste management services and competitive pricing.



Over the past half century, Brewsters Waste Management has worked to build a solid reputation for excellent customer service and advice. We hold several national accreditations, demonstrating our total dedication to best practice. Our Accreditations include: ISO9001, ISO14001, CHAS, Safe Contractor, FORS Silver.

Zero landfill policy

Zero landfill policy

Our state of the art facilities ensure that all recyclable materials are removed from the waste stream and any residual waste is converted into Energy. This keeps rubbish away from landfill and helps protect the environment.

Waste Recycling

Waste Recycling

On average, 95% of all the waste that we collect is recycled. As an environmentally-conscious company, we work to reduce our carbon footprint and follow the latest advice to avoid landfill and excessive pollution.

Commercial Waste Management Services in London and Essex

With over 50 years of experience in commercial waste management in London and Essex, at Brewsters Waste, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a comprehensive and efficient service; which is why we are the premier waste management company in London.
Whether it’s skip hire, a waste compactor or trade confidential waste removal, our experienced team can meet all your commercial and other waste disposal and management requirements at very affordable rates. No matter if you are in the centre of the city or further afield, please feel free to call at any time during normal business hours to discuss your needs or to request a detailed quotation. Alternatively, if you would like us to call you, send us an email with brief details of what you would like to discuss and we will be delighted to oblige. 

Your Waste Management London Specialists

With over 50 years’ experience in commercial waste management in London and Essex, at Brewsters Waste, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a comprehensive and efficient waste management service, which is why we are the premier waste management company in London. Our customers include large corporations, construction companies, individual tradesmen, retail outlets and hospitality firms across the capital and further afield. As well-established waste management specialists with a royal warrant and accreditation from all relevant UK bodies, you can rely on us to provide first-class waste management solutions in London that are in full compliance with the latest regulations, including detailed reports of collected waste that allow you to streamline your operations as desired. For a more bespoke service, we can offer an in-depth analysis of your waste production situation and provide strategies to increase efficiency, minimise cost and shrink your carbon footprint.

With the environment increasingly at risk from excess rubbish, we strive to ensure our ‘zero landfill’ policy is consistently met. Utilising cutting edge waste collection technology, we are more than able to ensure that every material is recycled and repurposed.

What’s more, we put any remaining waste to the best possible use by converting it into useable energy, reducing our reliance on traditional fuel sources, minimising landfills and safeguarding our environment.

If you’re in need of a reliable, environmentally conscious waste management services in London, get in touch with our team today.

Waste Removal & Waste Disposal in London & Essex

Brewsters Waste Management provide a comprehensive waste management solution for commercial companies and private individuals in and around the city of London. The services we provide are fully compliant with all aspects of waste management legislation, in turn assisting you in meeting your obligations for safe and environmentally responsible recycling and waste disposal in London.

Our services for waste management in London are cost-effective and represent exceptional value for money, positioning our company as one of the most competitive for waste management services in the area. From skip hire to a variety of waste collection services, we are the only London waste firm that you need to call. In addition to our skip hire, roll-on-roll-off hire and regular trade waste collection services, we also provide domestic waste disposal services to residents of London and the surrounding areas. In short, no matter where you are located in this part of the United Kingdom or what type of waste disposal services you require, Brewster Waste Management can meet all of your needs. Whether you are looking for a domestic or business waste management company in London, you will find our services are reliable, affordably priced and environmentally friendly too.

Skip Hire service

Brewsters Waste Management specialises in the provision of a range of skip sizes and types for hire across London and Essex. Whether you’re a business looking to review your waste strategy, or a homeowner who is having a clearout, our team can advise and provide the right-sized skip for your needs.

We have a proven track record and hold national accreditations for our skip hire services, and we are proud to go above and beyond for all our customers. From finding the right skip to securing your skip hire license, look no further than our expert services.

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Roll on Roll off hire services

Roll-on-Roll-off skips come in a range of sizes and we can provide containers measuring between 20 and 40 yds. Perfect for large scale commercial projects, Roll-on-Roll-off skips are commonly found in warehouses or loading bays; we can arrange to empty your skips at regular intervals for easy waste management, or you can just hire a skip for a single use.

Trade Waste Service

We provide wheelie bin services to businesses across London and Essex, including wheelie bin cleaning and supply of wheelie bins in various sizes. We can arrange for regular collection of your bins to ensure that your commercial premises are kept clean and safe. We can even provide bins for different types of waste and uses to streamline your waste strategy.

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