Everyone wants to be able to cut down on their waste in both the workplace and home life.

Not only is it cheaper to live with less waste, but it also is great for the environment. We’ve all seen the damage that waste has on our oceans and wildlife, so it is becoming even more important than ever to cut down on our plastic and general waste.

In this blog, we’ll give you our top tips for cutting down on waste.


Whether in the workplace or at home, it’s always a good idea to reuse what you can. This could be taking a reusable water bottle to work, or reusing some scrap paper from your work printing machine. Whatever way you can reuse, it’s a great way to cut down on your waste.


Reducing the number of items you purchase is a sure way of cutting down on the waste you produce. Packaging is one of the biggest forms of waste out there, so the best way to reduce packaging is to buy less, or buy alternative items. Here are a few other ways in which you can reduce your waste in the home:

  • If you’re doing your weekly shop at a local superstore, but the items you buy are all individually packaged. Try shopping at a local greengrocer and opt for fruit and vegetables that you can pick and pack yourself, so that you don’t buy individually or plastic-wrapped items.

  • Cancel your junk mail- You might have signed up to a newsletter some years ago, but still get regular post from them, or you might have forgotten to change your bank statements to online. Try opting for online statements rather than paper ones, email newsletters rather than postal- it’s a sure way of cutting down on your monthly waste.


While producing zero-waste is not easy to achieve, recycling is. Many local councils around the UK provide recycling schemes for housing and businesses, making it easier than ever to recycle most types of materials.
One of the best ways to be more waste-conscious is to think about recycling where and whenever possible. If you’re getting rid of some old clothes, for example, why not opt for them to be sold in a local charity shop? For unused or broken furniture, offer it for free to your local neighbourhood via Facebook or Freecycle.

Minimising the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill is a key, so where possible always think if your items, food or business materials can go somewhere else before they are thrown away for good.

At Brewsters, we care about waste management. We believe recycling is key to disposing of waste responsibly and in order to send as little waste as possible to landfill.
We offer both commercial and domestic waste disposal services to our clients in London and Essex. So if you’re looking for a reliable waste disposal company to manage your waste in a responsible way,
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