Regardless of whether you are undergoing a complicated construction project or doing up your home, it’s a certainty that you will create a lot of unwanted rubbish. From mounds of broken brick to smashed up home furniture, it can be challenging to find a way of making space and getting rid of all the waste in a way that is affordable, efficient and quick. Just try breaking up that old double wardrobe and fitting it in the car so you can take to the dump!

Because of this, many people and companies choose to go with local skip hire as a way to solve their waste problems. By leasing a skip you can hide away material that you do not need in a tidy and cost-effective way while not needing to make loads of inconvenient trips somewhere to get rid of all that waste. By choosing to hire a skip you are also ensuring that you comply with all laws and don’t accidentally dispose of your waste illegally – this will make you a fly tipper with all the fines that come with it!

Some of the benefits of hiring a skip are easily apparent but you should always take care when deciding which waste specialist company to go for when hiring a skip. You should also take note of the expert advice that professionals offer when deciding how to approach waste removal. Check out our tips to know what to look for when hiring a local skip.

Ask Questions About Commercial Waste Disposal

When choosing a skip hire company, you should always come prepared with questions to ask. From safety precautions to skip sizes and to the positioning and collection of the skip, there’s a lot that needs to be asked about before choosing which skip to hire. Speak to a member of staff at length to ensure you’re getting the best skip for the job and find out how the company operates so that you know what to expect from the service.

If the company does not respond well to your questions or members of staff are evasive, this is a bad sign for two reasons; firstly they might not have satisfactory answers to these questions, and secondly it may be a sign that their customer service is bad which could indicate that if a problem occurs after you hire them they won’t be very helpful.

Skip Size

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a local skip is whether you can get the correct size and type for your exact needs.

There are loads of different skip sizes available to hire, with each suited to different situations including domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Whether for garden work, a business renovation or a building project, a skip can be used to help all kinds of projects. It is simply not true that skips are solely leased to construction sites and commercial situations – domestic waste situations also often need a skip!

Here are the types of skips that are available to you – see which one is suitable for your needs and make sure that the skip hire company provides it!

Domestic Small Skips

Residential skip hire for peoples’ homes is very popular. They match domestic situations because they’re smaller and can be given a permit by the local council.

Two-yard skip: Mini skips are ideal for small gardening projects and green waste, or minor domestic DIY. They are suited to 30 bin bags of waste.

Four-yards skip: This skip has the capacity to accommodate approximately 40 large bin bags worth of weight and is known as a “midi” skip.

Six or eight-yard skip: Called the classic “builder’s skip”, both a six or an eight-yard skip are the most commonly leased skips due to their versatility. They are suited for bulky rubbish and take around 60 larger bin bags. They are usually used for heavy waste and can be used domestically for bigger refurbishment or large garden situations as well as industrial projects.

Ten-yard skip: This size is suitable for house clearances and can store the equivalent of 100 bin bags worth of waste. They can be used for building site clearance, industrial premises and demolition areas too.

One Day Skip Hire From Waste Management Services

You should find out if the local skip company offers single day skip hire as this service is very useful and has a host of benefits. Regardless of whether you’re working on a large-scale construction project for a business or a tiny DIY project, there are many times where you may need a skip in a hurry or for a short period of time. Single day skip hire is very convenient because short rentals mean that you won’t have to worry about your waste after a single day. It will also remove the risk of other people fly-tipping, waste being strewn around by foxes and seagulls or having to ensure that your skip is covered in reflective lighting for nighttime vehicles.

A single day skip hire is also super convenient and speedy as the skip can be delivered and collected within a short period of time. If you find out that a certain room of a house that you are clearing out unexpectedly has a bed and a sofa, you can call up the waste company and get the skip delivered very quickly. Another benefit is that you won’t need a permit from your council unlike other types of skip hire. You can also save money by hiring a small skip for a short period of time while it still being suitable for your needs.

Other Services

Skip hire companies invariably have other useful services besides lending you skips for a price. Many of these services could be very useful to you and your particular situation. For example, some companies also hire out specialist vehicles and machinery to certain industries at a very affordable fee. Not only could this make your commercial operation far easier, but it’s also much more cost-effective than purchasing these machines for just one use.


When choosing a skip hire company it is a good idea to see what kind of advice they offer you. If you are a business that regularly hires skips, it can be very useful if the skip hire company provides your own dedicated account manager to help you manage your relationship with them. This has the added benefit of having someone to ask for when you wish to speak to the company as well as having a human touch. A dedicated account manager can also offer excellent advice about your waste production, how to cut down on it in an environmentally sound way and how to cut waste in your company as a whole which can increase your profitability.

Brewsters – Cheap Skips From A Waste Management Company You Can Trust

Brewsters is a Scottish construction and demolition waste disposal and recycled aggregates company based in West Lothian. Our mission is to provide a varied range of services to make sure that we cover all waste and demolition services that a company could ask for. Whether it’s a basic rubbish collection service or a large-scale industrial project, Brewsters is the company that can help you. Brewsters has been going for over six decades and we try our utmost to be both professional and adaptable when providing services to make sure that our customers are satisfied. Every one of our employees is hard-working and dedicated to offering our customers the services that they require.

In the decades that we have been operating, we are proud to say that we have managed to develop an unsurpassed reputation as a waste disposal company that is reliable, competent and affordable. We offer a range of construction, demolition and excavation waste disposal services, supply high-quality recycled aggregates, sand and gravel as well as providing a state-of-the-art recycling plant. Brewsters is also proud to have a strict ‘zero landfill’ policy as we consider it our duty to protect the planet as much as possible. Regardless of whether you’re a business or homeowner, we promise to improve your waste management tactics too!

To talk to us more about our services or to discuss your requirements with a member of our customer service team, call us today on 01506 431 321 or email us via to get your waste under control with Brewsters.