As a nation, we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that we are having on our planet. With this in mind, companies and businesses are coming up with plastic-free alternatives to help us reduce our plastic use. There are lots of little things that you can do in day-to-day life to reduce how much plastic you use, below are just a few:

Stop using plastic bags

When you go to a supermarket to do your weekly shop, or any store for that matter, try to avoid using plastic bags to take your purchases home in. Instead, invest in some cloth or canvas ones that you can use again and again without harming the environment. To help you remember, keep a pile of these near your front door or in the boot of your car so that they are always on hand and you never need to buy plastic ones.

Buy a reusable water bottle

Did you know that a million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world? Plastic water bottles are big wastes of material. Instead of buying plastic bottles of water, invest in a reusable bottle. After just a few refills, it will already have paid for itself. Reusable water bottles have many other benefits too: you can stay hydrated on the go, take drinks wherever you want with you and save money that you would otherwise be spending on plastic bottles.

Ditch plastic shampoo bottles

Another great way to cut down on your need for plastic is to opt for shampoo and conditioner bars, instead of buying liquid shampoos in plastic bottles. Shampoo bars are package free, making them far better for the environment and meaning that you are not contributing to plastic waste. On top of this, shampoo bars last longer than liquid, are ideal for travelling and will save you space in your bathroom.

Say no to plastic straws

Many businesses and companies have already banned plastic straws, however, there are also lots that haven’t. Next time you go out for a drink, say no to plastic straws. They are particularly bad for our oceans and are rather unnecessary when you think about it. If you do want to drink out of a straw, opt for a paper straw instead.

Avoid buying cling film

Cling film cannot be recycled. Next time you want to wrap something up to keep it fresh, opt for beeswax wraps instead. They are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and come in a range of different designs and patterns. They are made using pine resin, jojoba oil, local beeswax and 100% cotton. Beeswax wraps are reusable and will keep your food freshly stored without the need for cling film.

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