Disposing of commercial waste responsibly is an important task, not just for the health and safety of your business but for the environment too. Choosing the best waste management company can be challenging; it can be difficult to know which one is best for your specific requirements as a company. To make it easier for you, we have put together a list of four important things to look out for when choosing a waste management company.


Choose a company that recycles

Recycling is an extremely important part of waste disposal; you should always use a waste management company that focuses on recycling and aims to send zero waste to landfill. Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills is very beneficial to us all: it reduces damage to the planet, creates a more efficient environment and reduces the need for landfills. Recycling waste prevents valuable land space being wasted and also reduces the number of toxins that end up in our atmosphere. Before you choose a waste management company, make sure that you find out exactly where your waste is going and ensure that the company recycles.


Check credentials

When sourcing the best waste management company, you should always check their credentials. It is actually a criminal offence to use an unlicensed waste carrier, so always make sure that the company that collects waste from your business has a Waste Carriers License. In addition to this, ask the company to provide you with relevant ISO certifications and any other relevant accreditations, such as CHAS, Safe Contractor and FORS Silver. It is also good to check whether the company is an affiliated member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.


Look for an experienced company

While it is good to support start-up companies, when it comes to responsible waste management you should make sure that you choose a company that is experienced. The more experience a company has, the better they will be at dealing with your waste. An established and experienced company will offer better customer service and be better suited to deal with your specific requirements.


Choose a local company

When possible, you should always try to choose a local company. This will cut down on unnecessary transport journeys, helping to keep ‘waste miles’ down to a minimum. Going local means that your waste will be dealt with as close as possible to its point of origin. If there are no appropriate facilities local to you, you should try to choose the next closest company (if they are reputable and experienced) as this will help to reduce your environmental footprint and minimise transport pollution.

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