When you think about waste removal services, chances are recycling or environmental factors and eco-friendly options might not be the first thing that springs to mind. You may find it surprising that many skip hire companies are very green and environmentally-minded when it comes to matters of domestic waste, ensuring that waste is properly recycled or reused, rather than filling landfill sites, which, according to UK estimated statistics will be filled by 2022.

Taking this into account, it makes sense to look to hire a skip company which acknowledges environmental factors and wants to reduce their negative impact to be more eco-friendly. If you’re planning to get rid of landfill or domestic waste, it’s great to consider what you can do to divert your waste from the landfill and ensure it’s recycled.

Other than being highly rewarding, there are many more benefits to being eco-friendly and recycling, including the fact that it is extremely cost-effective. As well as being eco-friendly, skip hire is an extremely cheap way to remove substantial amounts of waste, particularly when you factor in the additional costs the provider will take on such as travel time, insurance and skip permits. Suchlike, it’s integral that skip firms reduce their disposal costs as much as possible with the assistance of recycling.

The amount of waste that can be recycled varies depending on the items placed in the skip, but the majority of common materials including metal, wood, and glass can be recycled. Official figures vary due to the fact that they are very much dependent on each bin’s content, but most skip hire companies tend to produce a rate of over 80%. It may be surprising, but skip hire is an increasingly environmentally friendly way of disposing of waste. Here are some handy pointers to help you optimise your skip usage all while keeping it eco-friendly.


Surprising to many, not all plastics are recyclable as not all are created equally. Plastic is actually divided into seven categories but falls into two types: thermoset and thermoplastics. The factor that separates them is the temperature that it’s heated to when being made. Annually, we buy around 3.7 million tonnes of plastic products, and much of this plastic inevitably ends up in landfill. The reasoning for this is because it’s not currently able to be recycled or individuals haven’t taken it to be recycled. Common plastics that people don’t realise can be recycled include polystyrene, water bottles, and cling film. Plastics that are non-recyclable include plastic bin bags, straws and in most cases disposable coffee cups.

Glass and metals

Unlike plastic, glass and metal can be recycled in unlimited amounts. The process of recycling glass and metal is referred to as ‘circular economy’ as it is a process which involves using and reusing materials without creating waste. In the UK alone we use over half a million tonnes of metal and nearly two million tonnes of glass annually. The process of recycling glass doesn’t affect the quality of it, and the same applies to the process of reusing aluminium and steel, which also can be used consistently with no loss of quality. Metals you can recycle include cans, foils, wire hangers and household items such as pots and pans.
Brewsters Waste is an environmentally-friendly company. We understand the importance of disposing of waste in the safest possible way, adhering to the environmental agency’s guidelines when disposing of waste. We offer eco-friendly skip hire and other waste management services in London and Essex. To find out more, contact us today and speak to one of our friendly and experienced team members about eco skip hire or another of our environmentally friendly waste services.