Most of us are aware of the impact poor waste disposal methods are having on the environment, in particular, waste which is sent to landfill.

In 2016, 24% of the UK’s waste (around 52.3 million tonnes) was still being sent to landfill.

Poor waste management is putting animal habitats at risk and causing our planet to go through climate change.
It is not simply landfilled waste that is the cause of the issue, but the materials which manufacturers use to produce millions of products that have meant that plastics and other materials are seeping into habitats, including the ocean and leading to the extinction of thousands of species.

There are so many reasons why sustainable waste disposal is important, not only for homeowners but for businesses alike. In this blog, we’ll give you the reasons why. Read on to find out more.

What is sustainability?


Sustainability simply means to endure and last. A sustainable business is one that values the endurance of its efforts to reduce its energy and waste as much as possible.

Having a sustainability plan in business, particularly if you are in the industry of product sales, can help you to identify what you can do to become more efficient, achieve growth and cut costs amongst many other benefits.

Why is sustainability important?

Saves the planet

When the planet starts to recycle and save energy, it conserves the earth’s natural resources.
When resources are grown, harvested and extracted it harms the environment- including damage to forests, the pollution of water and the harm to animals. Recycling materials helps to save on energy, which can cut carbon emissions.

Great for business

Recycling is great for business, so if you aren’t convinced about the benefits of reducing your environmental footprint, you might be more willing to if you knew it could bring in more customers. Research conducted by Unilever suggested that 33% of consumers value brands they perceive to be environmentally ‘good’. Corporate social responsibility is something that customers expect in today’s age, so the more your business can do to cut down on its waste and environmental footprint, the better.

Cuts costs

Cutting down on energy means you will save money. Just as you would cut down on your energy bills in your home, the same goes in a business setting. Reducing the consumption of energy in the workplace is a great way to be more sustainable whilst also saving on your monthly costs at the same time.

What can your business do to improve its sustainability?

Research conducted by NatWest concluded that many small to medium sizes businesses value sustainability highly in importance- evidence that proves that we as a nation are moving towards a more sustainable future. So, how can you become one of those businesses?

Waste reduction

Recycling is a great way to become more sustainable, but the route cause of the problem starts with what you purchase. Are you able to make the switch to paperless billing, or cut down on the plastic packaging you use to wrap your products? What might seem like simple, small changes can actually make a world of difference.

Commercial waste collection

There’s no doubt that running a business is time-consuming, so when it comes to waste disposal, you as a business owner might find that it takes up too much time in your business day. By collaborating with a commercial waste disposal company, you can have peace of mind that your commercial waste is being disposed of in the most responsible way possible, and at a time that best suits your business.


Recycling your commercial waste is a great way to reduce the amount of rubbish heading to landfill. Recycling old or unused computers and implementing recycling bins in your office are both great ways to improve your business’ environmental footprint. Before you throw anything away, always think about whether it can be reused or where it can be taken to be recycled- you will be surprised how many facilities there are for each business item.

Reduce energy

As we’ve already mentioned, energy reduction is a great way for you to cut down on your costs and also be more sustainable. Around £4.4 billion is wasted on unused energy per year from something as simple as forgetting to turn lights off when they are not in use.
Why not install some energy-efficient lightbulbs and appliances or motion sensor lighting to cut down on energy in the office?

Set goals

Like most things in business, planning and setting goals is an excellent way to monitor how far you have come in a set period of time, and assess how you can do better.
When it comes to being more sustainable, try getting goals to see how much you can achieve collectively. Whether that’s reducing the amount of paper that you use, or introducing an eco-friendly ethos into everyday work.

Collaborate with other businesses

The responsibility to be sustainable as a business doesn’t just rest on the shoulders of your business, but of others too.
Start with your supply chain, are there processes you can change to make them more sustainable?

How does sustainable rubbish disposal benefit your business?

Streamline your waste management

Disposing of your commercial rubbish can be a time-consuming process and one that for that reason, you might not want to invest in segregating trade waste into what can be recycled and what cannot.

When you invest in the help of a sustainable rubbish disposal expert such as Brewsters Waste, you can have peace of mind that your waste is being managed responsibly. What’s more, you will be able to streamline your waste strategy, meaning you won’t need to worry about the various ways in which to recycle or dispose of your commercial waste.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as “incorporating sustainable development into a company’s business’ model.” This means being socially conscious as a business and looking into the environmental impact your business has.

One of the main focuses businesses have when looking at their Corporate Social Responsibility is the environment. Regardless of size, every business has an environmental footprint. When you look at ways to reduce your environmental footprint, you can help to improve your company and also society.

Brewsters Waste has a zero-landfill policy which means that all recyclable materials are removed from the waste stream and any residual waste is converted into energy.
With an aim to recycle 95% of all waste that we collect, you can be sure that your business is doing its part in reducing its environmental footprint when you choose to invest in sustainable rubbish disposal.

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