London has a reputation for being busy, crowded and packed to bursting with people, vehicles and buildings, but there are still plenty of glorious green spaces to be found in England’s capital. From iconic parks to gardens, woodland and even the small oval gardens in residential streets, London has plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy.

If you’re new to the city or simply want to explore outside of your usual borough, then see below for just a few of the best green spaces in London.

Culpeper Community Garden

This charming garden in Islington is open seven days a week, and mostly tended to by volunteers from the local area. Hidden by high walls and large trees, it’s one of London’s best kept secrets, and contains plenty of delights including a weeping willow, pond, country cottage-style garden, wildlife garden and 46 individual small plots, each tended to by a different member of the community.

Holland Park

These 55 acres of garden surround the Jacobean mansion Holland House, and there’s plenty to explore, including the Japanese-style Kyoto gardens with koi carp and waterfall, a playground geared especially towards younger children, and a larger play area for older ones, featuring climbing equipment, a zip-wire and tyre swing. The park also stages open air theatre and opera performances in summer, so there’s plenty to see.

Hill Gardens and Pergola

If you’re bored of Hampstead Heath, then try another wonderful green space that the area has to offer, in the shape of Hill Gardens. The gardens look like something out of a fairytale, with climbing wisteria across the trellis, pillars overgrown with vines and flowers, and shaded walkways which are perfect for a romantic stroll.

Isabella Plantation

This picturesque spot set in Richmond Park is home to many rare and unusual trees and shrubs. One of the best times to visit is during April and May, when the many azaleas bloom to create a stunning sea of pink. Look out for the amphibians in some of the plantation’s many ponds and streams, as well as over 130 different species of butterfly and moth.

Victoria Park

Originally a royal park, Victoria became a municipal park open to the public in 1887. There’s plenty of wildlife to see, including a deer enclosure, moorhens, Canada geese and squirrels, plus a boating lake, bowling green, running track, and some Grade II listed architecture including statues and a fountain.

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