Today we are fortunate to live in a time and country where food is abundant, readily available and cheap. Sadly, our society has become profligate when it comes to feeding ourselves, with a huge percentage of our food being wasted. When there are people starving in the world and there is a huge environmental repercussion to growing crops and animals, it is vital that we should try and cut down on waste. Many politicians have tried to encourage us to do this, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan last year.

The main sources of waste occur when;

  • Fruit and vegetables that don’t conform to our unrealistic standards of aesthetic appearance (between 20% and 40%) are disposed of before even leaving the farm.

  • Food rotting during transportation

  • Offcuts and foods past their use-by dates are binned by both retailers and by us at home. (This kind of waste is the greatest percentage of food wasted in the UK.)

  • Prepare food that is thrown away

We can certainly do our bit to cut down on our own personal food waste by taking the following steps.

  • Check use-by dates of fresh food before you buy

  • Use-by dates are just advice

  • Don’t overbuy

  • Make a food plan

  • Utilise your freezer

  • Make soup


Brewsters is a waste management company based in Thames Wharf, London. With more than 50 years worth of industry-leading experience, we have stayed up to date with industry practices and technology while fostering an excellent reputation in our sector. Being as green as possible is something that Brewsters takes very seriously, which is why we excel at recycle as much as possible while disposing of waste in the most environmentally sound way. The services that we offer include skip hire, roll-on-roll-off skip hire, caged lorry hire, trade waste, compactors & balers, food & confidential waste and wheelie bins. Brewsters have worked with many varied customers and have contributed to large and illustrious projects like the Olympic Park, the Shard, Southbank Tower, the Tate Modern, and the Heron Tower.

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