As a business owner, you’ll likely always be looking for ways you can help your operation succeed. Whether it’s hiring the right people or investing in new technologies, there are a host of options to help turbo-boost efficiency. However, renovating your workspace can be an equally positive decision for your business, creating a more productive, aesthetically pleasing environment.

Whilst a renovation can be as small or large as you want it to be, from a new lick of paint to replacing whole fixtures, any changes have the potential to create a more efficient and brand-friendly environment.

However, for all of the benefits a business renovation can offer, if it’s done without the proper plans in place, you could find yourself in trouble. One of the main issues that will invariably arise is the amount of waste you’ll be likely to produce. For smaller renovation jobs, you may only end up filling a couple of bin bags of rubbish which can be dealt with relatively easily. However, for large-scale projects, you could find yourself dealing with a huge amount of rubbish which can pose a host of problems.

Luckily, if you find yourself swimming in renovation waste, hiring a quality skip can be the answer to your problems. Offering a variety of benefits to any kind of waste management project, a skip can turn a stressful business renovation into a breeze – here are just some of their biggest advantages.

Skip hire is the safe option

Let’s face it, rubbish removal can be a grubby, irritating affair, however, if you don’t have the proper resources in place it could also be potentially dangerous. To start with, without having a designated place to efficiently store rubbish, you’ll end up having to navigate around waste piles around the site. This, of course, creates the real risk of trips and falls; one of the main causes of accidents in the workplace.

It’s also important to remember that there is an inherent danger in simply handling rubbish. Business renovation waste can include anything from broken light fixtures to old electronics, all of which pose a risk. If you’re spending hours at a time piling up the rubbish and taking it to the tip, you increase the likelihood of getting a nasty cut or bruise.

However, by hiring a skip for your renovation project, you can instantly minimise the above-mentioned risks of hazardous waste removal. For starters, by having a dedicated receptacle for all of your waste, you won’t be stepping over piles of rubbish, and with a range of skip sizes and prices available, you can find the perfect unit for the job.

A skip hire company will also pick up the rubbish and have their expert waste management deal with it for you, slashing the amount of time handling any potentially nasty rubbish.

Increased productivity with quality waste services

Productivity is everything when running a business, and if you’re having to down tools to carry out a big renovation job, you’re going to need all the time you can get in order to stay successful. Waste management on a renovation project, if done incorrectly, can take up huge amounts of time out of your day.

Whether it’s spending hours meticulously splitting waste into different categories or the countless trips back and forth to the tip, it’s pretty likely you don’t have the time to spend on getting rid of rubbish when there’s a business that needs to be run.

Many quality skip hire companies understand this issue, which is why many offer a flexible and efficient approach to waste disposal. Offering drop-off and pick-up times to suit you, a skip hire company can work around your schedule, dealing with the rubbish at their own site so you don’t have to. Contractors like us at Brewsters can also take care of the admin work behind getting a skip permit, meaning all you need to do is fill up the skip.

Keep on the right side of the law

It may not have crossed your mind, but improper waste management can cause real issues for your company if not rectified. For all UK businesses, there is a certain level of ‘duty of care’ when it comes to dealing with commercial waste.

Under the legal definition of duty of care, businesses are required to segregate, store and transport waste securely so as not to cause damage to the environment or to human health. Even if you think that your waste has been dealt with responsibility, illegally dumped waste can be traced back to you, landing you in hot water. By not adhering to these laws, fines can easily spiral into the thousands and can be severely detrimental to your operation.

Thankfully, staying on the right side of the law when it comes to waste management is easy if you’re enlisting the help of a quality contractor. Aside from skip permits and insurance policies to ensure that the job is done correctly, working with a quality waste management company who can ensure that your rubbish is dealt with ethically and, more importantly, legally can take a weight off of your shoulders. For documentation, a contractor will supply you with a waste transfer note so you can rest assured that your waste is dealt with properly.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental issues are becoming a hot-button topic at the moment, with many of us here in the UK and around the world looking to make changes to their lifestyles in order to minimise their impact. It’s also increasingly common to see businesses getting involved, with various environmentally friendly initiatives popping up in offices and workplaces around the country.

However, for all of the good work you may be doing during work hours, if you’re not keeping on top of your responsibilities when it comes to waste management, it could be a much bigger issue than simply a fine. Brand image is an important component of running any business and environmental credentials are becoming a large part of a positive brand image. If you’re not ensuring that your waste is being dealt with ethically, potential clients may look unfavourably on your operation.

Skip hire companies understand the need to do their bit for the environment, meaning many of the quality contractors go above and beyond to put waste to the best possible use. Renovation waste especially can contain a host of easily recyclable materials, making it all the more important to work with an environmentally conscious contractor.

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Whilst hiring a skip can offer a great range of benefits for any kind of waste management issue, it’s equally essential to hire a company that has the resources and experience to ensure that you get the best waste removal service possible.

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