Despite its nickname ‘The Big Smoke’, London is increasingly becoming a city where being eco-friendly is a part of daily life. Granted, it’s still a smoggy, big city, but residents and business owners alike are working hard to paint the town green. Whether you’re a hardcore environmentalist or just simply trying to be kinder to the planet, there are plenty of ways you can support the green crusade in the capital. If you need to get around the city, change up your style or are hungry for some tasty grub, here’s how you can do all three sustainably:

Getting around

With one of the largest urban transport networks in the world, getting around London on public transport is one of the most sustainable ways to travel. Driving in London can be pretty hellish; with mountains of traffic at rush hour, car fumes splurting out into the air and a hefty £11.50 congestion charge for driving in the centre, it doesn’t really seem worth it, either for you or the planet. Simply hopping on the tube or the bus is a much quicker way to get around, and of course, it’s eco-friendly!

If that’s not enough and you want a zero carbon form of transport, pick up a Santander bike from your local docking station and wheel around the city. From as little as £2 a day, you can take in the sites, burn a few hundred calories and you won’t feel guilty about harming the environment.



If you’re looking to freshen up your style, don’t just head to Oxford street and flippantly buy a t-shirt you’ll only wear once; invest in something with history and that doesn’t fuel the harmful fast-fashion market. With brilliant charity shops all over London, it’s not hard to buy something pre-loved. For the best charity shop crawls, head to Pimlico, Highgate, Northcote Road in Battersea or areas like Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith.

With over eight million residents, the amount of second-hand clothes in London extends beyond charity shops. Head down to a vintage market and find some beautiful and unique pieces. Try Brick Lane Vintage market, Camden market or even Cabbages & Frocks in Marylebone, a high-end pre-loved fashion emporium filled with designer and artisan clothing and jewellery.


Eating and drinking

That’s right, saving the environment can also include doing everyone’s favourite things: eating and drinking. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a sit-down meal, the streets of London are lined with eateries to fill your foodie boots. London’s vibrant street food markets like Greenwich Market and Borough Market are filled with traders selling award-winning chow from all over the world. Fill yourself up with Vietnamese Banh Mi, vegetarian Ethiopian stew or a classic British hog roast, whilst supporting local, sustainable food suppliers.

London’s restaurant scene is world-renowned and chefs all over the city are showing their dedication to saving the planet in their dishes. Check out the Londonists’ 10 best sustainable restaurants in London, or simply search for the capital on the international sustainable restaurant guide.

So despite the stereotypes, living an eco-friendly lifestyle in London isn’t perhaps as difficult as first thought. You can still do all of your favourite things and enjoy the hum-drum of city life whilst doing your bit for the environment.


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