If you’re working on a home renovation project, whether that be some kind of building work, interior design project, gardening, or perhaps generally just looking to declutter – the chances are you’ll need to hire a skip. Here we list a couple of the things you may want to consider before hiring a skip.


Consider your needs

Generally speaking, skips are narrowed into two categories for Home and Garden waste or General waste. Prior to ordering your skip, ensure you select one that is sufficient to your needs. If you are having work done on your property, most likely your contractor will be able to advise you. Other than this, it’s worth factoring in that 2 cubic yard skips can hold up to 40 bin bags, while a 12 cubic yard skip can hold 240. With this in mind it’s certainly worth doing a little researching on the specific measurements available.


Where can the skip be located?

You’re able to put your skip anywhere – as long as it’s on your private property and of course providing that the skip hire company can access it. Its wise to consider where you’ll be putting your skip in advance as this will save a lot of hassle on the day. Choose a location with ample space and within a close vicinity of the work going on.


Do you need a license to hire a skip?

If you are going to be using a skip in a public area, you will indeed need a permit. Before you can use the skip, you’ll have to make sure that you’ve got a permit, if you don’t do this you are putting yourself at risk of being fined. Skip permits are given by your local council. This should be made by yourself or the skip company you are using.


How long will you need it for?

This is very much dependant on how much waste there is to dispose of. It also depends on how close you can get the skip to the area you are working in and how many people you’ve got assisting you with the job. Be sure to communicate to the skip company how long you’ll need the skip for as you don’t want it to be taken prematurely when you’ve still got waste to dispose of. Furthermore, it is of equal significance to remember that you will need it removed by a specific date – particularly if its in a public area or public land. Make sure you’ve got a confirmation of the date for when the skip will be removed – this will also be beneficial for you to have a date in mind to help you gage when you need to have the job done by.

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