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Food Waste Recycling

Most of the biodegradable food waste ends up in landfill, where it produces methane and carbon dioxide, both powerful greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. This comes at a cost, not only to the environment but also to your business, because the disposal cost of residual waste is much higher than food waste and this gap will only increase further as landfill disposal costs continue to rise.

food waste

We’ve further developed our food waste recycling offer to provide you with increased recycling capabilities that will help you control your waste disposal costs and assist you in diverting more waste from landfill.
How we recycle your food waste
We can collect your food waste and dispose of it at a local Anaerobic Digestion facility. Here it will be processed and ultimately converted into renewable energy. By doing this we can help you control, and potentially reduce, your waste costs and convert your waste into energy. WT Environmental can organise a waste audit for you which will help us to understand the needs of your business. We will then provide a bespoke service tailored to your waste volumes and specific requirements. An external container, clearly branded for food waste with a fill line and colour coded lid, will be provided. Food can be placed in bio-degradable bags or as loose waste and then deposited in the external container ready for collection.

Our service recycles the following food waste:
• Industrial food by-product solid and liquid wastes from agriculture, manufacturing, food and drink processing
• Out-of-date, un-saleable food from shops and supermarkets
• Food preparation waste and left-over food from restaurants
• Packaged food waste
• Bakery Waste