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Commercial Hire of Waste Compactors and Balers

Sometimes a compactor just isn't enough. For commercial hire, we offer various types of waste compactors and balers to help you manage your waste. Balers and Crushers reduce the volume of waste material by as much as 90%, enabling you to get rid of your waste - and improve your recycling profile - at a considerably reduced cost. Balers are ideal for minimising the cost of disposal of waste materials such as plastic and cardboard. We have a waste baling machine to suit every business, from space-saving vertical balers to horizontal balers capable of handling substantial throughput. The larger models produce mill-size bales, creating the opportunity to generate a cash income from selling to a recycler. Crushers make light work of compacting waste cans and small drums to a fraction of their former size. for metal cans and drums, glass and plastic bottles and used oil filters. Compactors were traditionally used for general waste which is sent to landfill. Nowadays they are increasingly used for recyclable materials such as plastics and cardboard. Many recyclers will accept compacted cardboard as readily as baled card. Compactors can be supplied in either chain-lift or roll-on/roll-off (skip lift) formats, to suit your transport requirements and with integrated or external bin lifts For more information call us on 020 74743535

small baler For low volumes of waste portable compactor For all types of waste
balers For recyclables such as paper, cardboard and some plastics static compactor For dry waste or recyclables;

What's included in your compactor hire?

  • Quotes for new or second hand compactors or balers

  • Full unit installations at your premises

  • Regular emptying and servicing of your waste equipment

When your waste is collected, you'll normally be charged on a haulage plus tonnage basis. Your waste will be weighed and a certificate provided as proof.

For more information call our sales team on 020 7474 3535